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My name is Dick Barnes, and I am the Committee Chairman for Troop 11, Colonial Virginia Council, in Newport News, VA. Troop 11 is a well-established Troop (75 years now), but still dynamic and growing. If you have any comments, you can email me at charterrep@troop11bsa.org. If you came here to my blog from a link on another site, feel free to browse around the rest of the website and see what we’re doing!

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  1. Warnie Pritchett says:

    I think left out that you’ve been there for darn near 20 years.
    My 20th year after earning Eagle will be in 2014 and you’ve been there for all of it.

    You’ve been, quite possibly, the rock that’s kept that charter together for a long, long time.
    Scoutmasters have come and gone due to real life situations, but you and your callsign are always there.

    I tip my hat to you (Yankees hat, as usual, of course – somethings don’t change), Mr. Dick Barnes.
    The degree of commitment you’ve shown to Troop 11 is nothing short of phenomenal.

    I can only hope that one day I can emulate your dedication, one day after life’s curveballs have finally straightened out.

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