December 2009 COH, Potluck, & Scout Bucks Auction

Well, the food was great, the Scouts received their well-deserved awards, and the bidding at the Scout Bucks auction was intense. This year, we had several tables of goodies for the Scouts to bid on. The bids came quickly and furiously, with no quarter given. Everybody seems to have had a great time, and I think everybody was able to win a bid on something. Several boys, who had earned enough points to be “independently wealthy” went home with lots of loot!

Each year, the boys are able to earn points or “Scout Bucks”, for things such as advancements, summer camp attendance, merit badges … just about anything that Scouts do earns points, so an active Scout earns more than one that doesn’t participate as much. At the end of the year, the points are tallied and the boys can use them to bid on items at the auction in December.

This meeting closed out the year. The next meeting will be after the holidays. I’m finishing up the recharter now, and a snowstorm is on tap for the weekend. How much … nobody is sure 🙂 . Christmas and New Year’s are around the corner and life is good! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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