Service Weekend at Bayport

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Bayport Punkin’ Chunkin

Troop 11 won the Punkin’ Chunkin’ for their class! We were 2nd overall and 1st in our class. We had a great crew of guys who put in many hours to make this a reality. The Scouts who assembled and operated the Trebuchet did a wonderful job and are to be congratulated for their hard work.


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Blackstone Fellowship 2011

Great weekend … not a cloud in the blue skies, and crisp Fall temperatures. Good fun, good fellowship, and a few merit badges thrown in for good measure :-). Here’s the video …

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Behind the Power Curve

I can’t believe how far behind I am on my posts. It’s just been too hectic to get everything done. Here’s several videos:

and another

and finally,the last

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Summer Camp

We got back about 1 PM last Saturday after a week in the mountains at Camp Shenandoah. Great camp, great staff, and a great program. We had hot days and cool nights, with thunderstorms most days. It was a productive week, with 31 merit badges completed, and several other partially finished. Lots of rank requirements were completed for rank advancement as well. Even though we had a great time, we were all glad to get home to soft beds, hot showers, and home-cooked food!

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2011 Mulch Delivery – Second Day

March 26th was the second day of mulch deliveries for our annual fundraiser. We had a good turnout, and everyone worked hard and seemed to have lots of fun as well. I certainly saw a lot of Scout Spirit. It was a nasty day, with drizzle mixed with occasional snowflakes … especially since we had warmer Spring weather just a day or two before. Thanks to everyone who turned out and helped!


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2011 New Guy Campout

We all headed to Endview Plantation on Friday evening for a weekend of camping. We had several new Scouts with us, as well as some of the more experienced Scouts. Most of the weekend was taken up with cooking, a great service project clearing an area for use as a Confederate reenactors corral, since Endview is host to several battle reenactions every year. The rest of the time we spent building fires, doing a scavenger hunt, having some get-together time around the campfire, and just letting the boys be boys and have a good time.


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2011 Mulch Fundraiser Part 1

Today we delivered the first installment of mulch for our big annual fundraiser. The proceeds of this sale are used to replace Troop equipment and to subsidize camping and other activities throughout the year. We’ll do another, bigger delivery on the 26th of March. We had a great turnout and finished sooner than we thought.


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Blizzards and Courts of Honor

Our December Court of Honor and ScoutBucks Auction had to be postponed due to snow. The “Blizzard” tag is sort of tongue-in-cheek … not a lot of snow, but here in our community, 1/2-inch will stop everything. We did get around 15 inches later, but that’s another story :-). So anyway, the event was postponed until January 13th, and was a great success. A great potluck dinner, with the Troop providing roast chickens, and a great night of recognition and awards … not to mention a great auction!

The boys accumulate ScoutBucks over the course of the year for things like advancement, attendance, uniform inspections, summer camp, and so forth. The points (or ScoutBucks, if you will) can only be “spent” at the auction at our December Court of honor and there is no carryover to the next year. Lots of goodies available for bid, and lots of fun, too.

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2010 Iron Chef

The 2010 Iron Chef campout at Newport News Park was a great success, in spite of the rain on Saturday night. Lots of advancement requirements were completed by the Scouts and signed off in their books.

The highlight of the weekend, of course, was the cooking competition. They Griffins squared off against the Wolves, and as I was the judge, I got a good taste of it all. The result is a secret only known to myself. I will say that the competition was a lot tougher this year than in years past, and it was really difficult to come to a decision, but I persevered through two meals and I have made up my mind. Stay tuned for the announcement this coming Thursday evening at the Court of Honor/Christmas Potluck & ScoutBucks Auction.

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