Well, the Maryland trip was a bust … too much snow predicted in the big winter storm. Wasn’t too bad at Camp Finney, but they had gobs of the white stuff nearby. We thought it prudent to cancel.

This weekend we went to the Virginia United Methodist Scouting Fellowship in Blackstone, VA. It was a beautiful Fall weekend … couldn’t have asked for better weather. A bit chilly at times, but hey, it’s November isn’t it? Just got back a few hours ago, and had a well deserved shower :-).

Next weekend is the punkin’ chunkin’ at Bayport Scout Reservation. We’re putting the final touches on our trebuchet, and looking forward to flinging pumpkins great distances and watching them smash! Poor pumpkins … I think we’re also hosting some WEBELOS visitors, and look forward to welcoming them.

I should have a short video of the Blackstone trip posted soon over on the Chairman’s Blog. Take a look when you get a chance.

Oh, I almost forgot … the Troop has a FaceBook page to offer more options for information. It’s at

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Orienteering meet

All right … off for northern Maryland this afternoon. Meet at the church @ 4:45 for a 5 pm departure. Remember … snow is forecast for tomorrow with a low of 32 deg F.

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Eagle project

Check out the Chairman’s blog for a video of Hunter’s Eagle project.

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Another Eagle!


Shelby Hastings is Troop 11’s latest Eagle. Please congratulate him when you see him for a job well done!

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Troop 11’s Latest Eagle

After Adam's Eagle Board

Just had the privilege of sitting on the Eagle Board of Review for Adam B. We’re really proud of him. He did a great job! He came to us from another Troop, and we have come to think of him as “one of us”. Congratulations, Adam!

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Not much new has been posted on this page lately, but there has been some action over on the Chairman’s Blog page. Check there for recent videos.

You may notice that the site has been updated a bit, with a new main theme and menus. The blog pages will be updated with the new theme in the next few days.

Summer camp at Camp Shenandoah is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the deadline for the early bird rates. After then, the price of camp goes up $25. See Mr. Barnes at the meeting tomorrow to lock in your place at camp.

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Pack 122 Webelos Visit

The WEEBS are coming … the WEEBS are coming! Last night we were visited by prospective Troop members and their parents … 18 boys! What a great bunch of kids. The Scouts of Troop 11 were entirely responsible for entertaining the younger boys and showing them what Troop 11 and Boy Scouting is all about. The Scoutmaster and several other adult Troop leaders spent the majority of the time chatting with the parents and answering questions about Troop 11. At the end of each meeting, we always “circle up” and progress around the circle, one by one, with anyone wanting to make a comment or announcement having the opportunity to do so. The Cub Scouts all commented on how much fun they had, how much they learned, and thanked our boys for the time spent hosting them. I talked to our guys after the meeting, and they all had positive comments about the visit.

Hopefully every one of the Webelos will continue with Scouting … if not with us, then with another Troop. The important thing is to keep them involved in Scouting. It’s a great program that has worked well for 100 years, and is still relevant even now. There aren’t many activities going where a boy can be in the outdoors and just be a boy. We’re a fun Troop, and we learn while having fun!

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Yet Another New Eagle

Trevor King became our latest Eagle last night. Due to scheduling problems, the Board had to be done by the Chesapeake Bay District instead of our district. All went well, and Trevor passed his Board with distinction. Congratulations, Trevor … it’s been a real pleasure working with you!

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Summer Camp

The Committee Chair’s Blog has several postings from summer camp. The Troop was at Goshen Scout Reservation at Camp Olmsted this past week. Read all about it over at the Chairman’s Blog!

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Jacob M. is off to Fort A.P. Hill as part of Colonial Virginia Council’s Jamboree contingent. Good luck, Jacob, and drink plenty of water … it’s going to be a HOT week!

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