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  1. Gary Justice says:

    Hi, I was a member of the troop from about 1974 to 1976. I earned the rank of Eagle and have 24 merit badges. I am also am an honored camper of the Order of the Arrow Kecoughtan lodge. You more than likely have my name on a plaque in the church where you meet. I live in Norfolk at present and will be moving back to NN in the fall. My son is 12 and I do wish to start him in a Scouting program and could not think of anywhere I would rather have him than Troop 11. I recently ran across some pictures of part of the troop from the time I was there. Have I got your attention yet? Email me back. I’ll scan them and send them to you. Hope to hear back from your troop soon.
    Gary Justice

  2. Dick says:

    Sent you an email with meeting info, Gary. thanks for the inquiry.

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