Well, the Maryland trip was a bust … too much snow predicted in the big winter storm. Wasn’t too bad at Camp Finney, but they had gobs of the white stuff nearby. We thought it prudent to cancel.

This weekend we went to the Virginia United Methodist Scouting Fellowship in Blackstone, VA. It was a beautiful Fall weekend … couldn’t have asked for better weather. A bit chilly at times, but hey, it’s November isn’t it? Just got back a few hours ago, and had a well deserved shower :-).

Next weekend is the punkin’ chunkin’ at Bayport Scout Reservation. We’re putting the final touches on our trebuchet, and looking forward to flinging pumpkins great distances and watching them smash! Poor pumpkins … I think we’re also hosting some WEBELOS visitors, and look forward to welcoming them.

I should have a short video of the Blackstone trip posted soon over on the Chairman’s Blog. Take a look when you get a chance.

Oh, I almost forgot … the Troop has a FaceBook page to offer more options for information. It’s at

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