Pack 122 Webelos Visit

The WEEBS are coming … the WEEBS are coming! Last night we were visited by prospective Troop members and their parents … 18 boys! What a great bunch of kids. The Scouts of Troop 11 were entirely responsible for entertaining the younger boys and showing them what Troop 11 and Boy Scouting is all about. The Scoutmaster and several other adult Troop leaders spent the majority of the time chatting with the parents and answering questions about Troop 11. At the end of each meeting, we always “circle up” and progress around the circle, one by one, with anyone wanting to make a comment or announcement having the opportunity to do so. The Cub Scouts all commented on how much fun they had, how much they learned, and thanked our boys for the time spent hosting them. I talked to our guys after the meeting, and they all had positive comments about the visit.

Hopefully every one of the Webelos will continue with Scouting … if not with us, then with another Troop. The important thing is to keep them involved in Scouting. It’s a great program that has worked well for 100 years, and is still relevant even now. There aren’t many activities going where a boy can be in the outdoors and just be a boy. We’re a fun Troop, and we learn while having fun!

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