It’s Alive …

Well, this website fell into oblivion a couple of years ago, and is now being resurrected. We also have another website that’s primarily an operational website (sign-ups, email to members, etc). It’s a shame to have the resource and not utilize it. I’m in the process of updating things now, so stop back by occasionally and check out the posts here.

Dick Barnes
Committee Chair and Webmaster

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Punkin Time Again!

The Troop once again helped our Charter Partner, Chestnut Memorial UMC, unload a trailer load of pumpkins as our major annual service project. Counting Scouts, leaders, and parents and siblings, we had over 25 folks there moving pumpkins.

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Quartermaster Campout

This weekend we held a combined Quartermaster and New Guys campout at the church. It was to give the new Scouts an easy shakedown for camping and to clean our long-neglected storage area. Honestly, there was stuff we hauled out of there that I had NEVER seen before, and I’ve been around a while!

Everything went well, except for a few minor glitches on meal preparation (Breakfast for the Scouts became a late-morning Brunch). they worked through lunchtime since nobody was hungry, and dinner was a bit late, too. Got to work on that meal prep, guys!

Anyway, here’s a little video of the highlights of the weekend. Enjoy!

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Mulch Fundraiser

Ok … here are the videos from this year’s much delivery and spreading.

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Mulch Again!

Finished our annual mulch fundraiser today. Don’t want to see another bag of mulch until next year! A special thanks to all the adults and scouts that spent their Saturday working hard delivering and spreading mulch. I’ll have the video finished and posted tomorrow.

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Rock Gym

In January, the Troop did a lock-in at the Rock Gym, near Richmond. Here are a few shots of the action.

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Pack 11 Pinewood Derby

I and several others from the Troop had a lot of fun helping with the Pack’s Pinewood Derby. I put together a couple of minutes of video forĀ  you to enjoy.

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Been a while since this Blog has been updated … my bad! Here’s a video of last December’s Holiday party.

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October/November Camping

Well, we finally got a camping trip done. We went to the 25th Annual Blackstone Scouting Fellowship and other than it being cool and windy, it was a great weekend. It was a pretty low attendance for us though … only two boys attended. They both earned a merit badge so that was good. We had cancelled a camping trip the weekend before due to Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival, so maybe we just have too much planned too close together. It confuses everyone. We were camping this coming weekend as well, but that was cancelled and it’ll be a day trip to the Punkin Chunkin at Bayport this year … we just didn’t get our trebuchet done in time.

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Shelby’s ECOH

Shelby has scheduled his Eagle Court of Honor for the 29th at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, and he needs Troop members to participate. Let me know if you can help.

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